Naan Bread

Naan Bread

84. Naan

Leavened bread (Gluten)


85. Peshwari Naan

Naan stuffed with coconut, almonds & sultanas (Gluten)


86. Garlic Naan

Garlic flavoured leavened bread (Gluten)


87. Keema Naan

Naan stuffed with minced meat (Gluten)


88. Onion Kulcha

Naan stuffed finely chopped onion (Gluten)


89. Chilli Naan

Naan with chopped green chilli (Gluten)


90. Bombay Special Naan

Naan with grilled chicken, minced meat & onions (Gluten)


91. Cheese Naan

Naan with cottage cheese (Gluten)


92. G.O.C Naan

Garlic, onion & coriander (Gluten)


93. Mozzarella Naan (NEW)

Indian bread with black cumin seeds, tomato sauce, homemade cheese and coriander leaf cooked in tandoori oven (Gluten)


94. Chapati/Tandoori Roti

Wheat flour round bread cooked in a tandoori oven (Gluten)


We only use 100% Irish Meat

We don't use flavour enchancers in any of our dishes it is all spices and herbs that we make fresh and that is guaranted! No artificial flavour. Flavour enhancers or additives are used. We do not use MSG (E621). Dishes may contain trace elements of nuts and almonds.
If there is any dish that is not on our menu that you would like prepared please ask a member of staff and our chefs will do their best to meet your requirements. Visit our premises where you can meet our staff and see our chef at work. It is necessary to say that is all our meals are freshly made and every curry cater knows that it takes time to cook a good curry. The management believe in serving a good meal. Even though it takes time than to serve one hastily which does not deserve praise.
Price subject to change without notice.